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Recovering from discomfort and pain requires the right strategies for your body. Personal wellness is a process and it takes time to work out an appropriate plan of action based on your situation and the underlying cause of your discomfort. At Apple Neuro and Spine, we use several tools to help with long-term pain management goals.

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Services We Offer

At Apple Neuro and Spine, we offer several services for your health and wellness. Our team evaluates your situation using neurology, x-rays and other diagnostic tools before considering any treatment strategy.

We use interventional pain management and medication management services and drug-free conservative therapeutic alternatives so our team educates each individual when addressing pain, discomfort or general goals. Services we offer include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Neurology evaluations and treatments
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Supervised exercises and stretches
  • Lifestyle advice and recommendations

We focus on helping you recover from ailments after identifying the cause of your pain. We use medical treatments, natural treatments and up-to-date diagnostic tools for a personalized wellness program.

Long-Term Wellness

The goal of our clinic is long-term pain management. When you feel pain due to injuries from an accident, poor posture or even a physical ailment from a sickness or chronic condition, we offer treatment in Lake Mary for your specific needs and goals. We provide natural solutions to pain through stretches, exercises, nutrition plans and alternative treatments like chiropractic care and massage therapy. Our team strives to provide a long-term treatment solution based on your body's specific needs.

A long-term wellness plan works on improving your lifestyle. We offer advice about managing the physical and emotional aspects of your life by educating individuals about nutrition, exercise and good health. We give you the tools to improve your situation while helping address the pain or discomfort in your body. Our team uses modern diagnostic tools and up-to-date strategies to improve your health and wellness from the foundation while providing solutions for pain management while your body heals and recovers from an accident or a physical ailment.

Treating discomfort and pain starts with identifying the reasons for your body's reaction. At Apple Neuro and Spine, we take measures to help your body heal from accidents and injuries. To learn more about our services or to set up an appointment with a professional chiropractor in Lake Mary, contact us today.