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Pain Management for Lake Mary Residents

Pain can play a useful role in helping you understand when something is going wrong in your body, but it can also nag at you insistently long after the initial health event has passed. If you suffer from constant or recurring pain due to an underlying chronic situation, you need a safe, reliable, effective means of getting that pain under control so you can get back to living your life again. Here at Apple Neuro & Spine in Lake Mary, we offer interventional pain management and medication management services and drug-free conservative therapeutic alternatives.

Apple Neuro & Spine maintains a team of medical practitioners who can pinpoint your problem & administer appropriate auto injury care in Lake Mary FL

As intense as acute pain many be, it has one distinct silver lining: it goes away once the underlying injury or illness that caused it is healed. Unfortunately, there are many conditions which either have no cure or fail to heal in an optimal manner. Chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, spondylolisthesis (alignment slippage between two vertebrae) and spinal stenosis (which pinches the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots) are all prime examples. Long-term nerve damage and nerve pain (neuropathy) can stem from injuries or from chronic ailments such as diabetes. Some individuals even create their own chronic pain by constantly subjecting themselves to poor ergonomics or other physical/emotional stresses. The resulting muscle tightness can and alignment imbalances can produce recurring overuse injuries, headaches or migraines.

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