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Diagnostic Imaging in Lake Mary, Florida

Apple Neuro & Spine offers X Ray, MRI and CAT Scan imaging to Lake Mary, Palm Coast, Deltona, Orange City & Bunnell for accurate evaluation &diagnosis

Our heath team at Apple Neuro and Spine services the needs of those living in Lake Mary, Deltona and Pam Coast, FL. We provide consultations, evaluations, diagnostic testing and effective treatment options for a variety of neurological and spinal conditions. Our team consists of neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists to ensure your well-rounded healing approach. After we collect your health history and perform an examination, we may decide to use diagnostic image testing for a clear understanding of your conditions. Our tests help us develop the best healing approach for you.

MRI's at Apple Neuro and Spine

MRI is an abbreviation for magnetic resonance imaging. The MRI machine uses a combination of computer-generated waves bounced within a magnetic field to develop a picture of your spine, brain, nerves and other organs. You lie flat inside of a large tube while the technician runs the sequence of waves to produce images of your brain and spine. Our neurologist uses the images to look for signs of multiple sclerosis, stroke risks and recovery, tumors, infections, inflammation and brain injuries. These results guide us in developing your treatment plan and are also used as a base line from which we monitor improvements.

X Ray Services in Lake Mary, Palm Coast and Deltona

The test you are most likely familiar with is an X Ray. X Rays are used in a variety of medical settings including dentist's office, chiropractors and osteopedic doctors. We use X Rays to look for bone fractures if you have been in an accident. Our chiropractor also uses X Rays to evaluate the position of your spine and determine if vertebrae are out of alignment. X Rays also help us evaluate spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis or spondylolithesis. Our doctors may use X Rays to monitor progress and spinal position as you improve.

CAT Scan Testing in Florida

In our efforts to provide a full service health center, we also offer CAT scans. Also known as a CT Scan or Computed Tomography, a CAT scan provides a two-dimensional image of your brain and spine. We are looking for vascular irregularities, tumors, cysts, brain swelling, epilepsy, herniated discs, blood clots, spinal canal narrowing or internal bleeding. You lie flat on a table and are guided into a tubular machine. The technician sets the computer to take pictures at various angles to produce the clear images. 

Consider Apple Spine For Diagnostic Imaging in Lake Mary, Florida 

All our tests are non-invasive and painless. The images we gather provide additional information for effective treatments of your conditions. Plus, the diagnostic testing gives us a starting point to monitor your progress so we are able to adjust treatment as needed. Our doctors and health team value your time and will get the results to you as soon as possible so we are able to move forward with treatment options. To schedule your diagnostic image testing or to learn more about our testing techniques, please call us today at 407-878-0918. We will schedule an appointment at one of our three locations.