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Back Pain

Lake Mary Back Pain Relief, Diagnosis and Treatment at Apple Neuro & SpineLake Mary Back Pain Relief, Diagnosis and Treatment at Apple Neuro & Spine where we provide non-invasive, non-surgical back pain relief

In many significant ways, your back is the central component of your entire body -- so when it starts hurting, you stop functioning. Back pain can range from chronic recurring muscle spasms and age-related degenerative conditions to acute injuries that affect muscles, joints and nerves all at once. If your back pain is making your normal everyday life impossible, you need to do something about it, ideally without resorting to risky major spinal surgery. Here at Apple Neuro & Spine in Lake Mary, Florida, we can offer you a variety of safe, non-surgical treatment options that can liberate you from back pain.

Back Pain's Many Causes

Back pain can stem from many different causes and triggers, some of which may sneak up on you gradually over the years. Degenerative spinal conditions are a typical cause of age-related back pain. The discs that separate and cushion the vertebrae may lose hydration, becoming flatter in a way that stresses the joints that articulate the vertebrae. These joints can eventually develop arthritis, while the flattened disc may bulge and then herniate painfully. Herniated lumbar discs may pinch the sciatic nerve, producing the painful back, buttock and leg symptoms associated with sciatica. Spinal stenosis, an age-related condition that compresses the spinal cord, can sometimes cause back pain.

Your back pain may also occur suddenly as the result of a mishap. Car accident injuries or sports injuries can twist and bump the spinal column, straining back muscles and dislodging vertebrae. Lifting heavy objects unwisely at work can cause pulled muscles and herniated discs.

Non-Surgical Back Pain Relief at Our Lake Mary, Florida Clinic

Our experienced team of chiropractic, medical and neurological experts can use X-ray, CAT scan, MRI and other state-of-the-art diagnostics to determine the precise source of your back pain. We can then combine a number of safe, non-surgical conservative care techniques to help you feel better. These may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to correct vertebral alignment, taking stress off of nerve tissue and spinal joints
  • Massage therapy to relieve painful muscle spasms and boost blood flow to injured tissues
  • Physical therapy to help you rebuild or strengthen the muscles that support your back
  • Acupuncture to trigger the release of endorphins for natural pain relief
  • Personalized rehabilitation plans that address every aspect of your back pain simultaneously

Once your back is behaving itself again, you'll want to keep it as healthy as possible. Our Lake Mary, Florida team can provide you with periodic wellness exams and practical advice on how to take the best possible care of this critical part of your anatomy for life.

Lake Mary, FL Back Pain Relief! Call Us Today

If you're ready to put your back pain behind you, we're ready to help. Take the natural next step by seeking out our comprehensive treatments. Call Apple Neuro & Spine at 407-878-0918 to schedule a consultation and spinal evaluation at our Lake Mary healing center!