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Apple Neuro and Spine offers Acupuncture in Lake Mary, Sanford and Longwood.


Have you tried acupuncture? If not, it is something you should consider. It has a wide variety of proven health benefits. As a part of ancient Chinese medicine going back thousands of years, acupuncture has had a long time to build up a reputable repertoire of success stories. Modern science is now proving what others across nations all over the world have known for centuries....acupuncture works. And, what it works best at is relieving pain. That's one area where scientific studies have proven its efficacy. Acupuncture releases chemicals in the body that block pain. It's proven, and insurance companies are starting to pay for acupuncture in certain situations because of this

What is an Acupuncture Session Like?

It is very relaxing and pain-free. One of the things that surprises most people about acupuncture is that it doesn't hurt. The surprise is reasonable, because acupuncture is done by inserting thin needles just under the skin. It looks like it would hurt. But, done by the hands of a skilled acupuncturist, you should feel nothing, or at least, very little.

The acupuncture points where the needles are inserted are between nerves, so if the technique is done correctly, there should be no reason for you to feel any sensation at all when the needles are slid into place. Once in a while, you might feel a slight pinch for a brief moment, but no more than that. It is a remarkably gentle procedure.

When you come to get it done, your acupuncturist will ask you some questions, including about your overall health, and where you are feeling pain, if any. Then, he or she will determine the best acupuncture points to use to get you the better health and relief of pain you desire. Thin needles that are even thinner than pine needles will be inserted into those points, going just far enough into the skin to stay there on their own.

Once all of the needles are in place, you will be left alone to relax for a while, giving the needles time to do their work. When your acupuncturist returns, he or she may twist the needles a bit, to give them a boost in activating the anti-pain chemicals and/or in strengthening the immune system or other parts of your body. If the needles aren't twisted, they will be removed and safely discarded. Needles are never re-used on other patients. You get your own set, each time you come in for a treatment.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results With Acupuncture?

You usually experience some pain relief on your first visit. If you're coming for reasons other than pain relief, you may notice those results soon after you go home, or within a few days of your visit. Many people receive regular acupuncture treatments for maintenance, even after the initial problem is resolved. It is a good way to safeguard your health and make sure you are always feeling your best.

What to Do Next

Make an appointment for your initial acupuncture appointment at our convenient Lake Mary, Florida office. You'll be so happy you did this for yourself. Acupuncture truly is the height of self care. Take charge of your health, wellness, and happiness by contacting us today. We can be reached at:

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